Bonobos Hunt And Kill Monkeys And Duikers

[B]onobos hunt and kill monkeys just like their more vicious chimpanzees cousins, according to new research.

[...] [Gottfried Hohmann] witnessed several monkey hunts among bonobos living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, "they catch it and start eating it. They don't even bother to kill it".


Fruit makes up much of their diet, but the primates aren't herbivores. Small ungulates called forest antelopes, or duikers, often fall prey to the apes.

These hunts tend to be fairly simple, with a single bonobo cornering a duiker then quickly feasting on the still-living animal as more apes hurried to the scene. Hohmann says he has witnessed a duiker "still vocally blurting as the bonobos opened the stomach and intestines."


Males and females hunt together, and females tended to share their spoils [...].


[Frans] de Waal notes that predation and aggression are distinct behaviours [...]

-- Ewen Callaway

from "Loving bonobos have a carnivorous dark side"

Quoted on Sat Mar 31st, 2012