Bonobo Cannibalism: Bonobos Observed Eating Their Young

An account [by a group of primatologists led by Gottfried Hohmann] of a group of wild bonobos consuming a dead infant [...] is the first report of cannibalism in these animals -- making the species the last of the great apes to reveal a taste for the flesh of their own kind.


[...] [Eight bonobos] spent the rest of the day devouring the corpse.


[...] But [Andrew] Fowler noted signs that this meal was somehow different. More individuals got a taste of the infant than is typical when the apes share meat. They also spent 7½ hours eating the body -- longer than they take over a similar-sized monkey. Some even played with it. "If they just think of it as another piece of meat, why do they behave differently with it?" he asks.

-- Ewen Callaway

from "Hippy apes caught cannibalising their young"

Quoted on Sat Mar 31st, 2012