Large Headed Inuit And Easy Child Birth

The limited scientific evidence that is available does support the fact that the Inuit appear to be virtually free of dystocia. Baskett, in 1978, observed that Inuit patients tend to have very efficient uterine action, endure labor well, and rarely have dystocia. He recorded only ten cesareans in a study of 622 Inuit deliveries, for a rate of only 1.6%, dramatically lower than the contemporaneous rate of 6.9% for the province of Manitoba and 10.5% for the Winnipeg teaching hospitals. Of these ten cesarean deliveries, only four were performed for cephalopelvic disproportion.

The anecdotal experience of many obstetricians in Canada seems to support the observation that the Inuit tend to have extraordinarily easy labors compared with other ethnic groups.

-- Roy, Robert P. MD, FRCSC

from "A Darwinian View of Obstructed Labor"

Quoted on Sun Oct 2nd, 2011