Find A Woman Who You Value More Than The Going “Market” Rate

[M]y college roommate was espousing [...] [the model] [...] that the key was to find a woman who you found more attractive than the average bear. That way, you were in a better bargaining position to select good mates from this pool of women, who don’t necessarily know their own leverage over you, because they have to assume that you’re the typical male. The “win-win” scenario is where two people perceive each other to be better “catches” than the general population when it comes to looks. [...] By maximizing the disjunction between between population-wide assessment of attractiveness and your own perception of a woman’s attractiveness you can “negotiate” for someone “better” on the other characteristics you value than you otherwise might be able to. If you want to be happy the key isn’t to find a woman you find ugly, it is to find a woman who you value more than the going “market” rate.

-- Razib Khan

from "The rules of attraction: the not so golden mean"

Quoted on Thu Sep 1st, 2011