Women Tend To Exhibit Increased Ingroup Behavior During Their Menstrual Cycle

The researchers conducted scientific studies with two groups of women that investigated how women's implicit attitudes toward men change across the menstrual cycle. They found that fertile women were more biased against men of different races and men of different social groups than men of their own group.

Importantly, though, the increase in bias occurred only for women who perceived the men as physically threatening, said Carlos David Navarrete, assistant professor of psychology and research team leader. [...]

Previous research has focused on men within the same racial and social groups. In those cases, women who were fertile had more positive impressions of men who were physically imposing. These results suggest that the same traits that fertile women find attractive in men of their same group may actually lead to more negativity against men when those traits are associated with men of a different racial or social group, [Melissa] McDonald said.

from "Prejudice linked to women's menstrual cycle"

Quoted on Thu Jun 23rd, 2011