The WP-BloggingHeads Wordpress Plugin allows publishers, like you, to have BloggingHeads URLs magically turn into a flash video player embed, similar to how YouTube URLs magically turn into a flash video player embed.


To download, click the download link below.


It's a tarball. (It's in .tar.gz format.)


The tarball which this plugin comes in contains 1 file. Put that file in your WordPress press plugins directory. (I.e., put it in "wp-content/plugins".)

That's all you have to do to install. (But you still have to activate it.)


Once it's been installed, WordPress will auto-detect it.

However, you still need to activate it for it to work. Go to the WordPress Admin Plugins page and do so.


Once you have it installed and activated... that's pretty much all you have to do. Any time you create a post in the future, and you put a BloggingHeads URL on a line by itself, it will automagically turn that URL into a flash video player embed.

For example, if you create the post....

Watch this video...


Did you like it?

Then the WP-BloggingHeads plugin will automagically turn the post into...

Watch this video...

Did you like it?