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The VideoPress Video Archive Wordpress Plugin allows publishers, like you, to add a Video Archive (with thumbnails and everything... instead of the default text archive).

VideoPress Recent Videos needs vPIP or Video Wrangler (or another WordPress plugin that implements the WordPress Video API).

Also, VideoPress Video Archive supports hAtom.


To download, click the download link below.


It's a tarball. (It's in .tar.gz format.)


The tarball which this plugin comes in contains 1 directory. Put that directory in your Wordpress press plugins directory. (I.e., put it in "wp-content/plugins".)

That's all you have to do to install. (But you still have to activate it.)


Once it's been installed, Wordpress will auto-detect it.

However, you still need to activate it for it to work. Go to the Wordpress Admin Plugins page and do so.


Once you have it installed and activated... you can add related videos to your page in one of two ways.

Either add it as a Widget...

Or manually add the following code...

        <?php do_action('videopress_video_archive_link');?>

...into your template files. (Where ever you put that is where the video archive link will show up.)

Remember to configure this plugin first, by going to Options → Video Archive if you want tweak how this plugin works.

VideoPress Related Videos is part of Show in a Box... making Wordpress the ultimate videoblogging platform.