Potential Customers Only Want Very Simple Analytics?

A lot of technical people have interest in machine learning and data science. (Myself included.) But when you talk to (potential) customers in the B2B space, many (maybe most) seem to just want simple analytics.

And not even predictive analytics. Just something really simple (and to a technical person, perhaps boring) analytics.

Graphs, maybe some numbers that describes something specific they are interested in.


First you have to (try to) understand the customer. In my particular instance, a lot of these people were marketing, sales or business development people.

Using spreasheet software like Microsoft Excel is advanced skill for the customer. They are not at the level (in terms of technical savvy) as a software engineer or data scientist. They are not anywhere close to that level.

Second, although there are real problems and pains they have that should be solved with machine learning, data science, etc, they are not even aware of those problems. The problems and pains are real. And they definitely have them. They just don't know they exist.

And that's a problem for you if you are trying to sell them something.

Customer tend to want products and services for problems and pains they are aware of. Not problems and pains (they have but) are not aware of.

That doesn't mean only create products and services that solve problems and pains (potential) customers are aware they have. It just means be aware of this.