Full Loop (Engineer and Scientist)

Here I coin the term full loop.

And also implicitly coin the terms: full loop engineer and full loop scientist.

(This is inspired by the term full stack engineer.)

Science vs Engineering

As I asserted before, you can understand the difference between science and engineering, in a nutshell, with the following explanation:

Going from a System to Theory = Science.

Going from a Theory to a System = Engineering.

This can be illustated with the image in figure 1.

Figure 1. The figure illustrates the differences between science and engineering in terms of their relationship to systems and theories. The relationship forms a loop.

The Loop

As you can see in figure 1, a loop is created between system and theory by engineering and science.

Full Loop

What does it mean to be full loop‽ Being full loop means you are both engineer and scientist.

A full loop engineering is the same thing as a full loop scientist.


In the world of software, being full loop means being both a software engineer and data scientist.