Normal People Won't Take DRM Being Forced On Them

by Charles Iliya Krempeaux, published on Wed Aug 24th, 2005

Tim Bray put what I've been saying for a while into eloquent words. That normal people aren't going to take DRM being forced on them.

For time to time I tell my friends and clients about things like DRM and what it will do and means. About some of the things that people have patented (with software patents and life patents) and they're disgusted. Without someone like me telling them about it, they just don't know about this kind of stuff. I think if more people knew about some of the stuff that goes on, that things would change. But they don't. This kind of information doesn't get to them.

But DRM is going to be right in the face of normal people. Even if supporters of DRM lobby politicians to get laws in place to enforce it, all that is going to do is turn the majority of the people into pirates and criminals. And in a democracy, should laws be created that turns the majority of the population into criminals? Shouldn't laws be created that reflect the will of the people?


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