Charles Iliya Krempeaux

Charles started off in Mathematics. Moved to Computer Science. Professionally worked many many years doing Software Engineering and System Architecture. And later discovered that some of that professional work was Data Science.

Charles also founded 6 companies of his own. And helped build 4 other people's startups.

Formally Charles has a background in Computer Science and Mathematics (and to a lesser extent Chemistry and Physics).

Professionally he has had software engineering, software management and product management roles.

As an engineer and architect, he has been everything from Chief Software Architect, System Architect, Principal Software Engineer, Lead Software Engineer, and Senior Software Engineer.

As a manager, he has been everything from Director of Engineering, Director of Technology, and Engineering Manager.

Charles has also been Product Manager and Producer.

Although the first job he ever had was as a Math tutor, he started his career in the software industry at iFusion Communications as a Software Engineer & Project Manager. In 2002 he founded his 3rd company, the consulting company Reptile Consulting & Services, where he took on the role of Director of Technology. He became Principal Software Engineer and System Architect of online advertising network BidClix in 2004; and stayed through the Accipiter and aQuantive acquisitions. This technology was later acquired by Microsoft due to their purchase of aQuantive and is now owned by Facebook. Charles also consulted as a Senior Software Engineer & System Architect for a number years, creating technology for the real estate industry at Move's Top Producer, the oil and gas industry at Navarik, and others. He also created an Internet TV show, where he operated as Producer. Also when blogging first went mainstream, Charles founded a blog theming company, where assumed all internal and extenal product ownership as Product Manager. In 2008 he founded 49 Research (with Radoslav Gazo), where he became Director of Engineering. In 2011 he joined HootSuite (while they were still a startup), and was 1 of the 4 senior members of the original HootSuite engineering team. Charles later joined Trulioo, where he headed the day-to-day activities of the engineering and data science teams. In 2013 he (again) started doing work for Electronic Arts.

Also, Charles is organizer for the data science and machine learning meetup groups. As well is co-organizer for the vancouver R user group.

Charles also has a history of open source contributions, open content contributions, and contributing to standards working groups.

Charles has been involved with developing open source software since 1996. In 2002 to 2003 Charles contributed as Software Engineer on Mono, an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework based on the ECMA standards for C# and the Common Language Runtime, by contributing to the development of the GTK+ and GNOME .NET bindings. In 2007 to 2008, he helped build an open source solution for Internet TV, video blogs, and video podcastings by taking on the role of Lead Software Engineer of the Show in a Box project. In 2009 to 2011 Charles took on the role of Senior System Architect on SkinnyMVC, an open source, light-weight, easy to learn, "skinny" MVC development framework for PHP. Today Charles continues by writing open source libraries in Golang.

Charles started authoring open content in 1997 to 2000 when he volunteered as Editor on Netscape's (and now AOL Time Warner's) Open Directory Project. In 2003 Charles Co-Authored "The Mono Handbook", a guide to the Mono runtime, related tools, and libraries developed by the Mono team, by writing the GTK#, GNOME# and Rsvg# chapters. Today Charles is currently writing an open content Machine Learning book for programmers.

In 2005 to 2010 Charles contributed to the creation of HTML5, through the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) whose focus was primarily on the development of HTML and APIs needed for Web applications, including HTML5.

Charles' professional (and semi-professional) interests include "Strong" Artificial Intelligence (i.e., Artificial General Intelligence or Cognitive AI), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, Programming Language Design, Computational Social Science, and Complex Systems.

Charles also has an amateur background in Genetics, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Economics. In particular, Charles focuses on Human Genetics, Moral Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Psychometrics, Computational Neuroscience, Austrian Economics, Behavioral Economics, and Synthetic Biology.

Most of the work Charles does nowadays is under NDA, but he has done a lot of work in the fields of:

Most of the time, from day-to-day, when he is programming he usually either programs in Go (also called Golang) creating distributed software systems or in PHP creating backend systems. He also has been writing more and more Scala code lately. Erlang also seems to be finding more uses. Although some projects have called for usage of C, Java, C#, and even assembly language, from time to time. He is also no stranger to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS too, since the Web has become the ubiquitous frontend platform. Charles is also a fan of Vala and Rust. However, when doing Data Science work, R may be the appropriate language at times; although at other times, to make things performant, coding things in Go may be necessary.

Read his personal blog here. And subscribe to his person blog here.


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